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Spread of Sality Malware In Kashmir Can Be A Trouble For Indian Army.

Sality in Kashmir
30 Minutes of Live Malware Tracks By: MalwareTech

30 Minutes of Malware Tracks on Kashmir Reveals The Spread of Sality Malware In Valley.

Conditions in Kashmir valley are not new to be described, The youth of Kashmir seems to regularly evolve new dimensions to support terror. 
It's not too long since march when India accused Pakistan of using social media to provoke trouble and mobilize youth to throw stones at security forces during counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir. 
"Social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp are being used to mobilize youth to provoke them for stone pelting," Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the Lok Sabha after Trinamool Congress member Saugata Roy raised the issue of stone-pelting on security forces in the Kashmir Valley. 
Terror and its supports are continuously turning more tech savvy and are turning more sophisticated. The outbreak of WannaCry Ransomware made cyber security researchers keen to find out the solutions and traces of the malware being spread. MalwareTech turned out to be a helping hand in find out live traces of malware over the map. The same system reveals the spread of Sality Malware in Kashmir Valley.

Since the outbreak of WannaCry on Friday, Ethical Hackers Club is continuously monitoring the live traces of Malware across India with the help of the MalwareTech live map our team noticed the spread of Sality Malware which can clearly be a trouble in the flow Army operations. 

Why is it a Trouble for Indian Army?

While Indian Defence is already facing troubles because of stone-pelters indulge in throwing stones on Indian Army, Rajnath Singh made it very clear in his statement that youth indulge in stone-pelting were doing so at the behest of the neighbouring country and "the group which operates the (social media) accounts (to incite stone-pelting) are based in Pakistan". It was already tough for Indian Army to stop such activities by the use of social media, Sality can be an enhancer for such activities. 
Sality is a malware which can be easily used for relaying spam, proxying of communications, exfiltrating sensitive data, Sality is considered to be one of the most complex and formidable forms of malware to date.
The Traces of Sality over Kashmir Region can be an alarm for Indian Army and Cybersecurity Researchers to find out the solutions for the same. The presence of Sality makes it very clear that terror activities in Kashmir are getting more sophisticated and need critical actions.

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