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Spreading Fake News + Cheap Piracy Pays With WannaCry in Mumbai.


Since past few days, WannaCry has been a global villain in our tech-savvy world. While the most intelligent and advanced Tech nations were all facing the threat and were trying to solve the problem India as usual tried it's best to show off its fake intelligence by The Times of India & Other media giants from India with their mind-blowing headlines like WannaCry ransomware cyberattack fails to paralyze India. Ethical Hackers Club is here with the fact from the reports we received for the solutions after the attack in India.

Our Team and researchers from the world are continuously working to find the solutions for the outbreak of Ransomware while we received an interesting case of the WannaCry attack on a construction company in Mumbai where almost all the systems were encrypted with WannaCry accept for the single computer of Yuvraj Vishwakarma Using Windows 10 Professional.
When our team visited the location what we found was really amazing and was a matter of laughter for our team.
All the systems of Sai Shakti Engineering Works Were affected by WannaCry accept for the single computer which acted like a teaser for us when Yuvraj Vishwakarma says he feels Like "Shagun ka 1-₹ Chod Gaya".
In the regular process when we started collecting information from the employees about their usage. It was funnier for our team to find out all the systems which were encrypted have been using pirated copies of Windows XP with updated disabled.
Well, It's all common in India to use the crack software without worrying about the consequences. It was not an end to this we found that all systems were interconnected with a LAN connection. That too wasn't enough, each system had access to the Internet without any firewall or employee monitoring system. Now we wanted to know what employees were using on their browsers and what we found was even amazing.

When our team collected the data about internet usage we found employees using social media accounts on systems. Most of the time internet was used to surf social media accounts mostly facebook, but what we found unique there was a Design Engineer using WhatsApp Web from the system at the company.  When we surfed his WhatsApp we found a news with the document containing the report to stay safe from WannaCry which was the file encrypted by Malware. Clearly the reason for the massive attack on the company.
The love with fake news & the act of piracy in India now leading to the over spread of Massive Computer epidemic WannaCry in Indian Organizations.
What Are you up to? are you ready to support cyber criminals by helping them in spreading the Ransomware with such fake news or are you ready to a helping hand for the world by stopping the spread of malware?

Make In India is a History
now, It's Time to Think India.

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