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Android App Store Contains A Banking Trojan

Banking Trojan

ESET experts found that the Turkish unofficial Android App store CepKutusu is distributing the Spy.Banker banking Trojan. ESET declares on its press release that "Each click of the "Download" button in the store initiated an attempt to download a malicious program. The Trojan, which gets installed on the victim's device, is able to intercept and send SMS, display fake processes on the screen, and download and install other applications. As experts note, the virus was masked for the plug-in Flash Player."

According to experts, the app could be created for the spread of viruses or simply suffered from the malicious actions of cyber criminals. The malicious activity of the site stopped a few weeks after the warning of ESET analysts.
- We first encountered such a vector of distribution of Android-Trojans. Such attacks are typical for the Windows ecosystem and browsers. I can imagine a more dangerous scheme in which attackers who control the application store add malicious functions to all programs, offering their malicious versions. This would reduce the risk of detection and significantly increase the number of victims, says summarized Stefanko.

Experts advise avoiding the use of alternative stores to download applications and to use only official stores. In addition, to be careful while downloading content from the Internet and pay attention to the name of the file, as well as its size and extension.

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