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Hackathon Detailed Program

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Hackathon Detailed Program
Aspiration Academy's Hackathon, Detailed Program
Ethical Hackers Club is pleased to be the part of the web & Android App Development 7 days Hackathon organized by Aspiration Academy, Gorakhpur.

Following will be the detailed program of Talent Hunt Hackathon.

As the name describes the contest will be the combination of a Talent Hunt Contest & a Hackathon. 
The event will be held for 7 days where students from High school level to Masters in IT will be taking part in the contest. Competitions will be held in 2 different phases where in IT student from Diploma / Engineering / Bsc-IT. or Masters will be participating in the Hackthon consisting of 4 rounds while the students from High school & Junior College will be participating in the second phase of the contest which will be a talent hunt contest consisting Quiz and Debate.


Aspiration Academy hosts the hackathon to promote the digital intelligence in India. The three rounds of Hackathon will be as followed: 

Round 1 & 2

Teams will be divided into groups where half the teams will be allotted with debate as their round one while quizzing as the round two while remaining teams will be vice-versa. 

Round 3

The teams qualifying to round three will have to go through a paper & power point presentation of their project idea & description. Where the judges will vote for the best idea. 

Round 4

The winning 8 teams from third round will be the part final round where they get 72hrs to re-program their website or android app as per their project idea. Participants will have to present their working project in front of judges where judges will vote for the projects based on the usability of the project.


The Best and unique Idea Wins, 
Participants can come up with the website or an android app which can be useful for any of the following from Medical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, HR- Industry, Social Media, Education Industry.

Participants are free to be the part of hackathon with their own team. The Contest is strictly for students, no mentors will be the part of contest and will have no free accommodations. Accommodations are available only for students participating for hackathon. 
For Registrations and More details about team selection, food and accommodations for participants, Hardware and system requirements, Dress code, Winning Prize and faqs visit: Registration Page : Here 

Talent Hunt:

The registrations procedure for Talent Hunt Will not be hosted online and the complete registration detail will be available at every school in India once the online registrations phase for the Hackathon are complete in November. 
Participants for Talent Hunt will be selected by school principal and students are not free to participate without schools permission.

Last date For Registration will be 31st November 2017.
No Registration will be excepted after the date. 

For any further queries leave us a message on Facebook: Ethical Hackers Club
or Call Bhairav Bose  : +91-8999628819.

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