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Office of deceived real estate investors "Smart City" was hacked last night

real estate investors "Smart City" was hacked last night
Theft in the unfinished LC "Novelties - Smart City" is gaining a new dimension. In addition, that unknown people are dragging the formwork from here, this night they tried to hack into the office, in which one of the participants of the shared construction lives.

- On November 9 at about nine o'clock in the evening at the headquarters of the apartment (temporary shelter Alla), which is in house number 20, thieves have infiltrated, - Natalia Saukh told the editorial office. - Most likely, they wanted to steal the generator, Alla's furniture and something else, something else valuable. Alla herself was with friends that night.
Earlier NN.RU reported that the woman moved to live in the office of an unfinished complex as needed.
The anonymous hacked the common door into the house, and also tried to break open the door to the apartment, but, apparently, the guards, who were doing it at that time, scared them off.
"Another day's guard change saw three suspicious men walking around the construction site," Natalia reports. "Perhaps they were watching how to approach the twentieth house." Alla is now afraid to stay there.
This, according to Natalia, is not the first theft lately. Almost every day, from the pits of the excavators, cars drive up and steel formwork. The co-investors zakolachivali travel put in the armature, but the looters tear out the bars and disassemble the fence.

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