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The Danish company disclosed a fraudulent scheme for creating fake traffic

Danish research company Adform discovered a fraudulent scheme by which cybercriminals created fake large media sites and false traffic. The scheme was created to deceive advertisers who paid scammers funds for placing online advertising and attracting traffic.
Source: Photo Archive of Kommersant Publishing House
The Adform report talks about the disclosure of a large fraudulent network involving infected devices (botnet), codenamed HyphBot. Initially, the report of Adform reported The Wall Street Journal. The researchers note that the attackers created about 34 thousand large domain names and more than 1 million different URLs. The activity of the botnet was aimed at exchanging advertisers and generating fake traffic when using infected devices. Researchers note that the major media and publishers suffered from the activity of HyphBot, as the attackers created addresses similar to the addresses of large media companies, for example, The Economist, Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times. Botnet generated more than 1.5 billion fake clicks and views on its resources.

Adform has tracked the network activity since November last year. Most of the infected devices involved in the work of the botnet were in the US, UK, India, Canada, and the Netherlands. The damage incurred by advertisers and the media are so far only assessed. However, experts say that fake traffic and fake accounts are a growing threat to the media market and the Internet advertising market.
According to the calculations of the American Association of Advertisers, this year these schemes can cost advertisers $ 6.5 billion.

In this regard, experts strongly recommend that advertisers carefully check agents that sell Internet advertising, make sure that traffic is not created by fake accounts. In addition, all computer market participants are urged to closely monitor the protection of their devices from the penetration of hateful programs, check them for possible participation in the work of botnets, block fake IP and cookies, track pages and addresses that masquerade as known companies, about it to experts.

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