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Trojans downloaded millions of users from Google Play

"Doctor Web" warns of the appearance in the Google Play store of a number of applications with a built-in Trojan program: this malware could hurt millions of Android users around the world.
The Trojan is named Android.remote code.106.origin. It is implemented in at least nine applications, with a list of which can be found below.

After hitting a mobile device, malware performs a number of checks. If a certain number of photos, contacts in the phone book and records of calls in the call log are missing on the smartphone or tablet, the Trojan does not show itself. Otherwise, the program tries to contact the management server and starts working.

The main purpose of the malicious program is to download and run additional modules, which are used to cheat the count of visits to websites, as well as to navigate through advertisements. This brings to the attackers a certain income.
In addition, the Trojan can be used to conduct phishing attacks and steal confidential information.

According to various estimates, infected applications could download a total of 2.4 to 11.7 million times. Google has already been informed of the problem, but it has not been completely resolved yet. In addition, nothing prevents hackers from integrating malicious code into other programs. The list of detected infected applications is as follows:

  • Sweet Bakery Match 3 - Swap and Connect 3 Cakes version 3.0;
  • Bible Trivia version 1.8;
  • Bible Trivia - FREE version 2.4;
  • Fast Cleaner light version 1.0;
  • Make Money 1.9;
  • Band Name: Piano, Guitar, Drum version 1.47;
  • Cartoon Racoon Match 3 - Robbery Gem Puzzle 2017 version 1.0.2;
  • Easy Backup & Restore version 4.9.15;
  • Learn to Sing version 1.2

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