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Two Omsk citizens tried to hack an ATM with two ...

Young people were taken gloves, walkie-talkies, a phone with a flash drive, an ax

In the center of Omsk, two young people wanted to rob the ATM of the "Oriental Express Bank" - they were to give half the money for the instructions received for the theft.
As reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Omsk, the incident occurred at night on November 13 in the street Shcherbanova. Two Omsk 18 and 20 years old tried to hack into a bank terminal. At this time, the alarm went off, the arrived police detained young people. According to NGS.OMSK, they tried to rob an ATM of the "Oriental Express Bank."

According to deputy head of the criminal investigation department of police department No. 10 Aleksey Baulin, young people were looking for work and received step-by-step instructions from a stranger, a special program and a list of necessary equipment. For this, Omsk had to give him half of the amount that was in the ATM. According to the press service, there were more than two million rubles.
"I went to the ATM, I had to insert a wire with a USB flash drive. <...> And money should be spilled out from there, "one of the Omsk citizens said during an interrogation, a video of which the police published in their official social network group VKontakte. His friend confessed that at that time he "stood on the shakier" with the radio.
A criminal case was initiated under Part 4 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code (attempted theft in a particularly large amount). Omsk threatens to ten years in prison. Now the police are looking for an organizer.

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