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Uber hid cyberattack with the theft of data from 57 million customers and ...

Uber hides cyberattack with data theft of 57 million customers and drivers

International service ordered by taxi Uber concealed a powerful cyber, which resulted in the theft of personal data of 57 million customers and employees of the company, reports Bloomberg.

Uber servers were hacked in 2016. The names, email addresses and phone numbers of almost 50 million service customers were abducted, as well as 7 million drivers, including information on 600,000 driver's licenses. The official representative of Uber stated that among the stolen information there were no numbers of bank cards and social insurance of clients.

According to the publication, Uber paid about $ 100,000 to hackers, so that the stolen data was erased, and information about the cyber attack did not leak in the media.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanik was notified of the cyber attack a month after the incident, in November 2016. The new general director of Uber, Dara Khosrovshahi, said that "all this should not happen," and noted that now the service is changing. He dismissed the company's senior lawyer and asked the head of the security service to resign.

Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman began an investigation into the hacking. Earlier, in January 2016, the Attorney General of New York fined the service for $ 20 thousand, because the company hid information about hacking cracking in 2014.

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