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Who robbed the NSA? ..

 Who robbed the NSA? ..

The American newspaper The New York Times came out with the material that the US intelligence services do not yet know how to react to the "theft of cyber-weapons". It's about the situation in 2016, when, according to the US National Security Agency, hackers carried out the kidnapping of a number of programs. In the media, then, there were allegations that hackers could access the latest malicious programs developed.
The hacker group is called Shadow Brokers. They published the program code, which confirmed the use of the NSA virus software in order to disrupt the normal operation of certain computer networks.

The most interesting thing is that in the American information environment, no one thought to blame the Western special services for using virus programs around the world. Accusations rained down on those who exposed the activities of the NSA for the spread of viruses.

The material states that the actions of hackers had "disastrous consequences for the NSA." It is noted that, in all likelihood, the information was "merged" by one of the representatives of the US National Security Agency itself. Further, it is said that external hacking could not be done, as the NSA "reliably protects its internal networks and is the world leader in computer security".

Now, presumably, there will be different accusations against Russia and "Russian hackers who have entangled the whole world with their webs" ...

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