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Central Election Commission: Complexes for processing bulletins cannot be hacked

Complexes for the processing of ballot papers (KOIB) are absolutely protected from interference by cybercriminals, so it will be impossible to change the results of voting at the elections. This is stated by Nikolai Bulaev, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia.

"Our view is that it is impossible to hack COIB," Tass quotes Mr. Bulayev.
However, the deputy chairman also jokingly added that if the attackers took an ax or a hammer, they would be able to smash the KOIB, hack into the ballot box and throw ballots there. In addition, Mr. Bulayeva noted that during the testing of new COIBs all attempts to hack or reprogram the device did not work.

What is special, these devices are not connected with any information system, they also do not have access to wi-fi.

"Honestly, I do not understand how it can be hacked. Is that only physically to break in front of the entire commission, "- concluded the deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission.

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