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On Moore, "the passions fell"

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The "hot" week was issued for the residents and security officials of the ancient city on the Oka River.

"On the Melenkovsky highway, there was a collision of the ambulance and the MAZ car. For hospitalization in the third city hospital, a resident of the district of Verbovsky was transported, when a truck crashed into the ambulance on the way to Murom.

As a result of the collision, two other passing cars were hit. In one of them was a pregnant woman, who was going to a consultation with an obstetrician. Fortunately, none of the participants in the road accident was injured. Mechanical damage - only for vehicles. The patient was taken by another team of doctors, who came to the rescue.

This is not the first time that the ambulance gets into a road accident in Murom. In October, the participant of the accident was "ambulance", carrying a one-year-old baby. "
But this is not all incidents. We have already told you that the plane almost fell on Murom. Details can be read here.
And in Murom on the eve of New Year, there was a burst of thefts.
"At night on Filatov Street, breaking the glass of the dining room, the criminal kidnapped a computer monitor and a keyboard. Apparently hungry, he also took 12 sausage sticks. The damage caused to the 33-year-old owner amounted to more than 4 thousand rubles.

Another unknown broke the garage on Pervomaiskaya Street. He stole a washing machine and fishing rods that belonged to a 64-year-old man. The damage amounted to about 8 thousand rubles, "Murom 24.RF reported.

A total of ten thefts were recorded.

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