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The phone virus stole from Barnaul 64 thousand rubles.

Just recently, his number received an SMS message on the withdrawal of a large amount from his account. Afterwards, he received an SMS message stating that 64 thousand rubles had been withdrawn from the card. After visiting the site, he received a message stating that a large amount was withdrawn from the card, followed by another SMS message that the card was blocked.

Barnaul police establish the identity of the perpetrators who robbed the inhabitant of the regional capital, according to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Altai Territory. At the moment, the scam searches the police. It is possible that the attackers used the virus to access the account of the victim. A preliminary check showed that the device contains a malicious program.
The Office appeals to the local residents with an appeal to be careful and vigilant when making various transactions with the help of websites. Control included functions such as sending SMS and access to individual data of the owner of the device.

The department notes that the subscription number was connected to the service "Mobile Bank".

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