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Cryptocurrency Web Manger creates an MSN portal through an advertising platform

Cryptocurrency Web Manger creates an MSN portal through an advertising platform


Cryptoconce web mining

Cryptocurrency Web MINER script creates an MSN portal through the AOL advertising platform and creates many web sewers. Hacker AOL platform advertising scripts change, small web programs and MSN Japan [We started mostly on small traffic connected to com.Security researcher Trend Micro Suddenly, Spike has indicated that the number of unique monitors has increased significantly (108%) for ad platform performance.

 Crypto web currency mining

The infringing advertisement is on the front page of MSN and redirects the number of users to another page. An additional review shows that more than 500 websites have been compromised with the same campaign.Hundreds of websites also contain pop-ups and botinit ads, small crypto coins, and farm software distributions

When a user visits the MSN portal and the advertisement is displayed, the browser launches an encrypted small web browser and closes the stop after the user closes in the browser window.The malicious script was created for the domain www. ] jqcdn [] Download related ads] Elope [] JP and small web traffic.Coinhive attackers are using Cryptocurrency mining scripts based on a private mining pool to prevent the possibility of using conventional mining costs."We have changed this campaign description on the vulnerable site of investigation and noticed that many of the malicious content hosted on the Amazon Web Services (Desktop AWS) S3 bucket are displayed and the name of the S3 bucket is displayed in that basket'm is completely unsafe and someone registers, Copy, and modify.In this campaign, the attacker must safely remove this malicious JavaScript library from an open S3 bucket.According to Trend Micro, the legitimate manager of the AWS did not set the permission for the S3 cart, so the attacker could change the hosted content.

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