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" New Android Trojan Steals Photos, Contacts, Recording Of SMS and Phone Calls "                                                                    


                                                       Android Tojan

Recently Discovered two new Android RAT Compromising Victims Mobile and steals various sensitive informations such as  Photos, Contacts, SMS and it can also record the user’s phone call conversations. Both types have the same functionality in terms of stealing the sensitive data from victims and the researchers named this as KevDroid.

One Types of this Android RAT using the Android exploit (CVE-2015-3636) to gain the root access from the compromised victims mobile/cell phones. Researchers believe that  EST Security discovered an Android malware that there could be a link between this Android malware and Group 123.

KevDroid using open source tool that available on GitHub to record the phone calls from the compromised users mobile. Also Read: Advanced Android Malware Steal Users Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Skype Messenger Data First Type of KevDroid Android RAT

The first Android RAT type has similar functionality that was explained by the EST Security researchers and it was named as  KevDroid due to the Android author tag reading as "Kevin".Main Purpose of this variant has distributed to record the phone calls and steal the phone call history.

This Android RAT type contains a library to record phone calls made on Android devices/cell phones and the malware author used his original name for this malware. According to Cisco, The purpose of the application is to steal information stored on the device. Here is the list of stolen information:

  1.     Installed applications
  2.     Phone number
  3.     Phone Unique ID
  4.     Location (the application tries to switch on the GPS), this information is collected every 10 seconds, which is aggressive for this kind of spying tool.

 Stored contacts information (name, phone numbers, emails, photos, etc.)
  1.     Stored SMS
  2.     Call logs
  3.     Stored emails
  4.     Photos
  5.     Recording calls

Complete successful infection of this Kevdroid will perform to steal sensitive data, such as photographs, passwords, banking information or social engineering.
Second Type of KevDroid 

The second type of Android RAT is quite larger than the first type and it contains a lot of diffreance  such as this type using SQLite databases to store data.

This type contains the additional future than the previous version.

  •     Camera recording
  •     Audio recording
  •     Web history stealing
  •     File stealing
  •     Root access on the device

 "Researchers said this Android RAT tries to exploit the device using CVE-2015-3636 with the code available on GitHub. The purpose is to obtain the root permission on the compromised device. By obtaining root permissions on the device."

Stole sensitive data such as phone call history, images, and personal videos by this Android RAT will be used to blackmail the victims and demand the money else it leads to the kidnapping of a loved one and abuse the financial transaction to steal money.

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