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Web Applications And Mobile Applications Compromised Your Privacy Policy Of Your Personal Information

  • A privacy approach is a declaration that reveals many of the processes a party collects, uses, reveal, and manages a customer or client’s information. period of time we install applications in mobile or sign up for social network and dating websites etc.We never read the privacy approach, fairly we Click " I AGREE" and Install Applications. Let me read out many Interesting facts about Mobile Applications to Dating websites privacy policy that user forgets to read.

  •  Required Privacy approach issue, latest Facebook admitted that Cambridge Analytica may have got 37 Million More Facebook Users information through with previous 50 Million pretentious Facebook users.

  •   Location Information that permits us to regularly control your location,  counting your location relative to and within third-party retailer locations, so its suggested to turn off your locations if applications are not in the range.gather of device usage of information, operating system details, battery level, and more technical information collected.

                                                                Fig: Gathering Information

  • Website ensures that your information is preserved with firewalls etc, but Website can't the assurance that its security calculate will intercept computers from being unauthorized gain your data from being stolen and change.

                                                                 Fig: Personal Information

  •   users information move to keep and organize in Denmark where a central database is detected and handle. the data preservation and other laws of Denmark and other countries might not be as inclusive as those in your country. please be confident that we seek to take request process to ensure that your privacy is protected.

                                                                   Fig: Personal Information

  •   If you removed your profile details in a website, your data is no longer available to other users, but technical members of the website having your data in servers.Users, data will be provided to the Third party remain in servers and retention of users data subject with Third party Policies.

                                                                    Fig: Personal Information

  • The website has right to change privacy policy of users any anytime.

                                                                    Fig: Privacy Policy

  • Apps or sites duplicate users profiles across partners websites. so, Users information shared across different servers.

                                                     Fig: Share Information on the different server

  • Note For Visitors: "Always Read Privacy Policy before you use any web applications and mobile applications"

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