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Take Care About Pre-Installed Malware In Mobile Devices.

The latest study states that a forthcoming mobile device may come with "pre-installed mobile malware" along with the malicious code in it. Pre-installed malware means that the mobile device already installed with malicious code in the system level that cannot be removed easily. There are two types of pre-installed malware that is based on the location of the app which is one of the important aspects of the apps.


1 ./system/app/:– The apps which is posted in this location something that you are repeatedly using such as, camera, FM, video player and photo viewers.

2. /system/priv-app/:– This is very important app location and most of the important apps such as settings and system UI, which contain the functionality for the back/home buttons on Android devices reside in it.


Mobile Malware 

Researchers analyzed the code of this malware and confirmed that the known pre-installed malware Pups. This Malware infects the system UI and repeatedly installs variants of Android malware to eventually steal the sensitive information.

Another device is UTOK Q55 that infect with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) monitoring apps that collect and report sensitive information from the device. This particular Monitor app is hardcoded in the highly-important Settings app. In effect, the app used to uninstall other apps would need to be uninstalled itself to remediate pure irony.

As per Researchers the best way to deal these devices

 1) Away from this infected Devices. We have seen some manufacturers that have been infected:-

a)  THL T9 Pro
b)  UTOK Q55
c)  BLU Studio G2 HD

2) If you already bought, return that device.

3) If you already bought the device, directly contact the manufacturer.

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