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FAQs + T&Cs

How do I register for Talent Hunt Hackathon 2017?

The registration process is pretty simple. All you need to do is…

  • Visit Registration Page Here
  • For Registration Click on Register Now Button.
  • Fill the required detail in the registration form.
  • Talent Hunt Hackathon is a group contest and only group entries are permitted.
  • Each Participant needs to carry his/her college ID. & a Government issued ID. as specified in registration form. ( no participants will be allowed to exhibit their project and will have to leave the premises immediately, Until there is the team of required members team wont be disqualified and can participate in absence of a member or two.). 

How should we form a team?

  • Each team should consist of Minimum 2 & Max 4 Participants.
  • Team Members Can Be From Same or Different Colleges at participants convenience.
  • Both Girls & Boys are free to participate for the Hackathon.
  • Team Selections can be made on basis of expertise for rounds of Contest.
    ( Debate, Quiz, Presentation & Coding )

How do we submit our ideas?

Please note 

Idea submission must be made by team leader of a team during the registration process after inauguration at venu.

  • Idea Submitted by teams should be usable in real life scenarios ( Must be useful in day today life).
  • Each Team May Submit Only One Idea.

Winning Criteria:

As described previously this is a challenge driven Talent Hunt Hackathon and the best idea wins. So it's not going to be that easy as the name suggests. Participants will go through 3 Rounds before the final demonstration of their working project. 

The Rounds of contest will be as followed:-

Round 1 & Round 2: Will consist of Quiz of 40 Questions with negative marking. & A Debate Contest (Topics will be as provided to team leader after online registration).  

Round 3: Round 3 forms of Paper & Power Point Presentation of the Idea and it's importance.

Grand Finale:-

Note:- Eight teams will be selected for the final grand finale round where each team will get 96 hrs. of time to re-program their project. Results will be displayed based on Voting by judges after demonstration, presentation & Q & A Season. 

Optional Round:

Although Hackathon consists of 3 basic round and 1 final round but with the consideration for cyber security awareness 10 teams will be permitted to go ahead for optionl round of Hacking wherein the team will be challenged by a surprise hacking challenge. Team going ahead for Hacking contest will be provided with the wild card direct entry to grand finale. 


Talent Hunt Hackathon is Organized by Aspiration Academy, Gorakhpur and will be held in Gorakhpur city. The Detailed address for the contest will be sent to participants at their registered mobile numbers with the tickets of accommodations.

Winning Price: 

Prizes for the top winners under different categories are
  • 1st prize – Rs.79,999/-
  • 2nd price – Rs.24,999/-
  • 3rd price – Rs.9,999/-
Certification of participation will be provided to each contestant and will be posted to their respective residence address.

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